School Profile

The goals of Belize Christian Academy are:
  1. To provide a holistic education to the student so as to enhance the child’s mental, spiritual, social, and physical development.
  2. To deliver instruction in an environment that is consistent with Biblical truth and the application of Biblical principles.
  3. To develop in the student the importance of the worth of the individual and to cultivate an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for cultural diversity.
  4. To create an environment that is fun, safe, and conducive to learning and promotes the overall well-being of the student.
  5. To instill in the student the importance of declaring and worshiping God as creator, Savior, and Lord of all things.
  6. To create opportunities that will foster creativity, ingenuity, and self-expression.
  7. To create an atmosphere of learning that employs multiple instructional techniques as well as catering for different learning styles.
  8. To prepare the student for life so that he or she can be a productive citizen in the global community.
  9. To instill in the students the importance of patriotism, civic pride, and a healthy respect for the environment.
  10. To develop the students’ critical thinking skills that will afford them the opportunity to communicate and socialize effectively.
BCA boasts regional and national titles in various academic competitions, including the Regional Math Olympiad (2011).

BCA test scores have ranked well above the national and district percentages yearly. Students in grade 12 have gone on to the United States and other Caribbean countries for post-secondary education. Our students in grade 12 have options to take ACT, SAT, CSEC Math, English and Spanish exams. All students take the ATLIB. BCA students who have taken the ACT and SAT perform competitively with US statistics.

Accreditation and Memberships
  • BCA is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of Belize.
  • BCA is also an ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) member school.
What makes BCA special compared to other Belize schools? The overwhelming answer is that it is a Christian School and it uses Christian curriculum. BCA’s must-do items are:
  • Every staff member attends praise and prayer time every morning.
  • Every student memorizes a Bible verse every week.
  • Chapel is held for primary school and high school students every week.
  • Christian curriculum and textbooks are used (realizing that some subjects are not available from Christian publishers and must be reviewed to assure no content is contrary to Bible principles.)
  • Every staff member is an active Christian attending a Bible-believing church.
  • Annual programs, such as our Spiritual Emphasis Week, Annual Charity Drive, and the Christmas program continue as community events.