Student Life

Our staff is passionate about educating your children! We believe that all students can learn and encourage each other to reach their God-given potential. Our teachers use research-based methods – such as cooperative learning, brain-based strategies, and differentiated instructional strategies – to ensure that the classroom environment is a thriving, active place with maximum student engagement. Field trips, guest speakers, hands-on experiments, and inquiry-based learning activities are used as well.

Our teachers use various teaching styles that address the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning needs of students in classroom activities and homework assignments. Classroom instruction is enhanced by the use of state-of-the-art technology such as projectors, document cameras, as well as discipline-specific technology such as Vernier LabPro for collecting data and data analysis in science and mathematics.

The primary language arts curriculum, which balances literature and phonics, teaches our students to enjoy reading; while our high school English program balances literature and grammar for post-secondary success. Our primary and secondary math curriculum focuses on the mastery of math skills, understanding of important concepts, and the integration of problem-solving. Our Primary School students sit BJAT (4th Grade) and PSE (8th Grade).

Our goal is to provide an academically excellent high school curriculum based on a biblical worldview that encourages life-long learning. In addition, we prepare students for local and international tertiary level institutions. Students are actively involved in the preparation of local exams such as ATLIB and CXCs. Students are also successfully prepared for college entrance exams such as SATs and ACTs.

Lower Primary

It is a fun and learning classroom environment that Belize Christian Academy introduces to K4-K5 children. BCA is excited to embark students on a valuable educational journey. The interaction with teachers and children is amazing and results in the children being fully engaged in hands-on activities for holistic development. As they grow in knowledge and are holistically embraced in the lower grades (1-4), the children are encouraged to perform to their highest potential. The teacher’s relationship to each child is exemplary and promotes only the child’s best interest.

Subjects introduced within the lower level are: Christian Education, Language Arts (Reading, Comprehension, Phonics, Spelling, Penmanship, and Creative Writing), Math, Science, Social Studies, Health Science, Music, Spanish, and Physical Education. Added to our weekly schedule is DEAR and Club Time,  where student are actively engaged in exploring books and other extra-curriculum activities.

Upper Primary

BCA students in grades 5-8 have great experiences through content-specific courses. Subjects taught at the upper level are Science, Health Science, Christian Education, Spanish, Math, Language Arts (Grammar, Reading, Spelling, and Writing), Social Studies, Physical Education. The 5-8 graders also spend a period in the week in club time. This is an exciting time when the children get the opportunity to interact while developing their talents for fun!

The Music program provides great excitement at BCA, beginning in grade 3 and continuing through grade 7. Students learn to play the recorder with the assistance of a very experienced music teacher. The teacher provides opportunities for students to participate in district art and music school competitions and to showcase their music abilities at BCA school programs.

High School

High school students select between the Science Option and Business Option for grades 11 and 12. Listed is a sample of the courses offered at BCA: Christian Education, English Language, Spanish Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Principles of Business, Principles of Accounting, Career Preparations, Life Skills, Human and Social Biology, Social Studies, Research Methods, Abstract Art, and Music.