Home of the Eagles


Volleyball is the first high school sport of the season (school year), September to November. The workouts begin in August. We offer training for female and male teams.


High school basketball season is from November to December. Male and female teams are prepared for this discipline as well.


Football season runs January to February. Males and females are invited to join us in our training programs.


Softball season February to March. Boys and girls are encouraged to be a part of our workouts.

Track and Field

Track and Field is the last sport of the school year and its season is March to May. It is an individual sport with many more students involved in the different events.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program is offered throughout the school year. Both the primary and high schools benefit from the program. Lessons are planned in relation with the sport in season. The lower primary lessons are based on basic loco-motors, non-loco-motors, and manipulative skills development; upper primary lessons are sports-oriented. The goal of the BCA Physical Education and Sports Department is to develop the children overall physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.